History of Teff

If you looked out on a field of mature teff, it would look like tall, overgrown grass falling over with the weight of the seeds. By far the biggest crop in Ethiopian agriculture, teff has been used in Ethiopian cooking for thousands of years. With the ancient grains trend showing no signs of slowing down, more people are discovering the benefits of this tiny grain. In Ethiopian cooking, teff flour is mixed with water and fermented, then baked to make injera which resembles a thin, porous pancake with a slightly sour taste. Now that teff is more popular, recipes using the flour and the whole grain are appearing in health magazines and blogs in new and creative ways.

Health Benefits of Teff

The most significant nutrients found in teff are protein, calcium and iron. Furthermore, teff has a high dietary fiber content which makes it a good source of resistant starch keeping you full and feeding all the good bacteria in your gut. You’ve probably been hearing all the buzz around pre- and probiotics and how good they are for you. Teff is just another healthy food source that those bacteria need.

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