First things first. Let’s talk ingredients. 

Buckwheat adds crunch and coconut oil gives you a dose of healthy fat. Maple syrup and dried cranberries are added (in moderation!) to give a sweet balance to the nuttiness of almonds and walnuts. We add some color in the form of pumpkin seeds, coconut and red teff. Rolled oats and cinnamon give it some heart while sunflower seeds feed the soul.

Granola. Simplified.

Have you ever looked at your grocery list and realized that it's not only 2 pages long but you also have 3 stores to visit because the produce at that place is terrible and your favorite green juice is at the other store?

Simplify your life. Lots easier said than done, but this has been your New Year's Resolution for a couple years now and it's time to start doing.

Teffola delivered monthly. So you can spend that extra minute or two in savasana.


  • 1 Bag of Teffola sent monthly
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  • $15/month
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  • 2 Bags of Teffola sent monthly
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  • 4 Bags of Teffola sent Monthly
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When was your granola made?

One of the best parts of Teffola is how fresh it is. How old is the granola on the shelf at the grocery store? My bet is older than 3 weeks. You don't expect your bread or doughnuts to be that old so you shouldn't expect your granola to be either. Try a bag of Teffola and see if you can go back to your old brand.

Not ready to commit? Try ordering a bag or two to see if the family likes it. When there's a morning meltdown because you're out of Teffola and no one wants instant oatmeal, don't say I didn't warn you.