Teff + Granola = Teffola

First things first. Let's talk ingredients.

Coconut Oil

Sunflower Seeds



Maple Syrup

Dried Cranberries

Pumpkin Seeds

Rolled Oats





But why pick Teffola? So glad you asked.

1. Keeps you full. 

All the complex carbohydrates and healthy fats will keep you charged up for the day. No midday snack needed. 

2. Keeps you regular.

We're not afraid to say it - Teffola will keep you on schedule. You might say it works better than coffee.

3. Sustainable

All 12 of our ingredients are sourced from Michigan suppliers. We're proud to be plant based in the Mitten State.

one more reason:

When was your granola made?

One of our favorite parts of Teffola is how fresh it is. We bake in small batches every week so the granola that lands in your oatmeal bowl is as fresh as possible. Because no one craves dry, stale granola. In fact, we put the date the Teffola was baked right onto the package. Can your old granola say that?

Choose a subscription level

Teffola Starter
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Teffola Lover
  • Two 13 ounce bags
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Teffola Pro
  • Four 13 ounce bags
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  • Delivered monthly

Still think it's just granola?

A lot of people at the farmers markets thought that too. We gave them a sample there to show that we're different. And we're giving out free samples now. 

Give it a go and when you're convinced, use code TEFFOLABOX to get 50% off your first subscription box.