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What's Teffola?

Granola. Small Batch Style.

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Teffola is fantastic! The handmade batches are fresh and delicious, crunchy and chewy - the flavors and textures are perfectly balanced. Like granola, only WAY better! Ten stars.

E. Loomis

I've been looking for a granola that tastes fabulous and provides enough fiber to help with "bathroom issues!"  I have one word for you - TEFFOLA!!!! I have a standing "prescription" for 20 bags a month. Without Teffola my digestion would be thrown into chaos! Try TEFFOLA and treat your body!


Teffola is the best granola I’ve ever had and I’m super picky about ingredients and deliciousness. The maple syrup, nuts, seeds and teff make it perfect. It’s such a relief to get quality like this.

Elizabeth B.

I had originally tried Teffola as it was made locally. I had never heard of teff, a grain that is high in minerals and protein, and grown on Claire’s family farm. Teffola has become my favorite breakfast sprinkled on yogurt and fruit! 

Patricia Malcolm

Farmers. Filled with Midwestern Spirit.

Farmers aren't just overalls wearing, wheat stalk chewing rednecks anymore. Sure, we like Carhartt and have dirty hands sometimes but that comes with the territory. Someone has to grow your food and we'd rather you know exactly who does. Brad Smith.

Meet the Farmer

Teff. Tiny Grain. Big Impact.

Move over quinoa, millet and amaranth. There's a new ancient grain in town and it's spreading the love.  In Teffola, teff adds nuttiness and big amounts of fiber, calcium and iron.